The mini-MBA program in project and product management

Offers both on-demand and corporate training

* Thirty years ago, 80% of the resources in an organization were dedicated to operations and 20% to projects; today, that ratio has flipped. (HBR, 2022).

* In the last five years, product management has seen a significant uptick in interest, jobs and media coverage. By the end of 2023 it is estimated that 40% of large enterprises will manage internal business capabilities as products to drive continuous innovation and competitive advantage. (PMI, 2023).


3 reasons why project and product management is essential


70% of all Digital Transformation projects do not reach their goals (HBR, 2019)


47% of Agile Transformations fail (Scrum Submit, 2020)


80% of customers said they had switched brands because of poor Customer Experience (Qualtrics and ServiceNow, 2023)