Is It Worth Joining PMI® Membership for The PMP® Exam?

PMI® Membership offers project management professionals access to valuable resources, networking opportunities, and discounts on certifications renewals, and exam fee like the PMP® exam. With 1.4 million members globally, PMI® provides a strong community and significant career benefits. These advantages and more make PMI® Membership a valuable consideration for anyone looking to excel in project management. If you’re preparing for the PMP® exam, here are 3 key reasons to join PMI® Membership.

Reason 1: Minimize PMP® Exam fee Costs

Joining PMI® Membership can result in significant savings on the PMP® exam. Members receive discounts on the exam fee, which can substantially reduce the overall cost of certification.


Price in U.S.A

Price global

PMI® Membership



PMP® Exam for Members



PMP® Exam for Non-Members



PMI® Announces Updated Pricing Structure Effective March 1, 2024

  • PMI® Membership in U.S.A: Fee increase by $10 (from $139 to $149).
  • PMP® Exam for Members in U.S.A: Fee increase by $20 (from $405 to $425).
  • PMP® Exam for Non-Members: Fee increase to $595 in the U.S.A. and $575 for all other countries.

Let’s make a simple comparison: total fee of PMP® Exam for members vs non-members

  • For Non-Members: The PMP® exam fee is $575
  • For Members: The total fee is $393 = $284 (PMP® Exam Fee) + $109 (Membership Fee)

⏩  Members save 30% on the PMP® exam fee compared to non-members. Plus, PMI® members have access to official resources and can benefit from supportive communities and a professional network.

Reason 2: Access an Extensive Study & Work Materials

With the PMI® membership, you’re not just getting discounts on certifications and eLearning; you also accelerate your project completion with instant access to pre-built project plans, templates, and checklists from experienced project professionals. Save time with a vast library of over a thousand tried-and-tested resources ready for you to use. Check below:

  • A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide®): A PMI’s flagship publication and a fundamental resource for effective project management in any industry.
  • Other PMI® Standards: These standards form the fundamental of project management knowledge, covering four key areas: project, program, portfolio, and organizational approaches to project management. 
  • Articles, white papers, and other resources: A monthly newsletter providing news and updates about PMI® and the project management industry. A rich repository of resources on a variety of project management topics.
  • Project assessment tools: Help you assess the maturity of your organization’s project management processes.
  • Project templates: Customizable project templates for different types of projects for all project cycle.
Reason 3: Professional Development and Learning Opportunities

PMI® membership opens doors to a wealth of professional development and learning opportunities. For example:

  • PMI® Job portal: PMI® provides career support services to help you find a job and develop your career. It bring opportunities and resources aligned with your career aspirations. 
  • PMI® chapter: You’ll receive invites to local events, job opportunities, and collaborations, along with knowledge-sharing from individuals who understand your region’s unique challenges. 

These financial benefits, combined with access to a wealth of study resources and a supportive professional community, make PMI® Membership a smart investment for anyone preparing for the PMP® exam. Additionally, PMI® even offer better membership fee for various groups, including Student Membership, Retiree Membership, and Group Membership.


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