File and Submit The PMP® Application: Part 3 – Exam Details

Now, you reach the final part of the PMP® application. Before submitting your application, you are asked to input your contact information and exam location.

The contact details you need to input includes:

  • Address: where you have a permanent residence.
  • Name on ID: must exactly match your ID. You will not be able to sit for your exam if the names do not match.
  • Name on certificate: the name you want to appear on your certificate. This can be different from the name on your ID.
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Don’t forget to save your information on each section above.

Then, you are required to choose the country you would like to take the exam and exam accommodation needs. See Exam Accommodations on PMI® website for more details.

Read the terms and agreements before checking boxes to confirm that you agree and provide accurate information.

Finally, click on “Submit Application” to complete your PMP® application.

TIPS: You should also keep a copy of your application if you need to review it back in the future or just in case you are audited.

What should I do if I review my PMP® application record and find out incorrect information? Can I update the details after submitting the PMP® application?

That would be difficult, but it’s not impossible. We are just human. You could input incorrect details by accident. In that case, you should contact PMI® in ethics and honesty, ask them how to resolve the problem, and follow their instruction step-by-step.

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