Do You Know All Status of The PMP® Certification?

After passing the PMP® exam, you are bestowed the credential, and the PMP® certification renewal cycle starts. You will have the PMP® certification in good standing for 3 years. However, what will happen to your PMP® certificate if you forgot to renew it? And what should you do? This article will go through all the PMP® certification status and recommended action for certification holders.

1. Active Status

When you own an active certification, you can use the PMP® certificate to promote yourself and add PMP® badge to your profile. Every 3 years, you have to renew the certificate to maintain active status. To fulfill the renewal requirement, you must earn and report 60 PDUs (Professional Development Units) and pay the renewal fee.

2. Suspension Status

On the third anniversary of the day you passed the PMP® exam, you forget to renew your certificate. From that moment, your PMP® certificate turns to suspension status for 1 year. And obviously, you are not able to promote yourself as a PMP® anymore. However, you are able to use PDUs earned during your suspension period.  In the period of 1 year, if you complete the required PDUs and renew the certificate, your certificate will get back to active status.

3. Expiration Status

At the end of the suspension period, if you don’t fulfill the requirements for PMP® renewal, your certificate will be expired. If you are still interested in holding a PMP® certificate, you must register and apply for the PMP® exam again.

However, PMI® can give an extension to individuals who had hardships so that couldn’t renew the certificate on time. Military personnel called to active duty, incapacitated due to illness, or out on maternity leave can request an extension beyond the suspension expiration date. If you are in these cases listed above, contact PMI® Customer Care to be supported.

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Let’s explore the most convenient way to earn PDUs, the fasted way to claim PDUs and the peace of mind to keep your certificate in good standing after every three years.

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