On-demand Exam Prep

Let’s prepare for DASM, DASSM, and PMP® exams at your own pace. Enroll here to have access to all mock tests free of charge!

Why should you enroll in on-demand training for DASM, DASSM and PMP® with us? 

Enjoy exclusive benefits of a top-notch training provider:
  • Free access to up-to-date mock tests and question bank to gain the most confidence before taking the exam.
  • Free download cheat sheets developed by our world-class instructors to be well-prepared for the exam.
  • No hidden fee.

As an Authorized Training Partner, we use PMI®-developed materials for instructor-led training and resell PMI®-developed on-demand training.

What are the differences between instructor-led training and on-demand courses?

Instructor-led Training

✔ Has an instructor deliver the course, interact with other students

✔ FREE access to mock tests and question bank

✔ Unlimited support from the instructor until passing the exam

✔ All our customers passed the exam from the first try

✔ Has a fixed schedule of interactive training sections via Zoom

✔ A little bit higher fee

On-demand Courses

✔ Learn from videos and presentations

✔ No mock test included

✔ No help from the instructor

✔ Possibilities of failure

✔ Learn at your own pace

✔ Save cost