Chief Project Officer Mini-MBA

Unlock the full potential of project management, the greatest enabler of success in digital transformation.

* Thirty years ago, 80% of the resources in an organization were dedicated to operations and 20% to projects; today, that ratio has flipped. (Harvard Business Review, 2022).

* The Chief Project Officers (CPO) mini-MBA program is designed for the Chief Project Officers and aspirants to push organizations toward adopting a project-driven structure and foster a collaborative and empowering culture that reaches across silos.

Chief Project Officer mini-MBA program


(for PM & project team)

1. Project Management Fundamentals

2. Agile & Hybrid Project Management

3. Digital Product Management

4. Emotional Intelligence in Agile Leadership

5. Power Skills in Project and Product Management

6. Business Acumen in Project and Product Management


(for PM, PMO & CPO)

7. Project Governance Structure

8. Citizen Development: Low-code/No-code Revolution

9. Data Science & Organizational Data Strategies

10. IoT in Digital Transformation Projects

11. Artificial Intelligence in Digital Products

12. Strategic Planning, Analysis and Alignment

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Project Management Fundamentals
Agile & Hybrid Project Management
Digital Product Management
Emotional Intelligence in Agile Leadership

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