5 Things to Prepare for PMP® Online Testing

Project Management Institute (PMI®), is highly sought after by organizations worldwide, often serving as a prerequisite for project management roles. PMI® offers a range of certifications designed to showcase professionals’ comprehension of best practices in project management. The Project Management Professional – PMP® Certificate is one of the popular certificates in PMI® certificate system. Here are 5 things to follow to be well prepared for PMP® Online Testing:

Before the test

1. Remember this checklist question:

  • Is your area private enough?
  • Is your valid photo ID ready?
  • Does your internet connection stay stable?
  • Are there any applications may run during exam?
  • Does your webcam still work?

Remark: Don’t forget the important date – schedule on Google or Microsoft calendar or ask your friend, family to remind it

 2. Refrain strictly from: Tobacco, or candy, or eating too much (only choose whole grains, fruits, and lean protein provide sustained energy)

During the test

3. Pace yourself. You will have 230 min for 180 questions so remember to allocate time effectively, and avoid missing or omitting any answers.

Remark: Built-in 10 mins break between 2 sections (optional if you want)

4. Stay calm and focused. Put 100% effort to your test, avoid distractions, trust in your abilities and do your best

Remark: Refrain from other electronic devices such as use phones, earbuds, smartwatches etc.) or any activities such as looking off-screen, reading question out loud cover your mouth, or lean off-screen

After test

5. Login to to download your certification from PMI® after receive PMP® Online Testing result

With these key points in mind, you’ve got a solid roadmap to success for your PMP® Online Testing. Remember, thorough preparation is key, so leverage practice exams and stay focused during the test itself. By following these tips and trusting your abilities, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your PMP® certification! Recommendation from PMI® is taking practice exams available online for a fee from PMI® accredited trainers to comfortable with the test format and to simulate test taking conditions.


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